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From Fair City to hip-hop star

HERE's a rising star who moved 7,000km from Carrigstown to Canada and is making waves on the pop and RnB scene.

Rebecca Ryan was cast in Fair City before lining up a recurring role in The Tudors, but the 25-year-old opted to seek her fortune in Vancouver - and it's paying off.

"I got an opportunity to sign with an acting agency in Vancouver so that took me over here," said Rebecca.

"There are lots of opportunities for acting and singing.

"My mam taught me the guitar when I was five. I then started to develop a love for the piano and wrote my own songs.

"I started uploading my own songs to YouTube this year and suddenly I got offers to collaborate with DJs and producers."

Rebecca's track, Summer Feeling, was signed within 24 hours to the Power Records label.

Now she has filmed her debut music video, Fire In Your Eyes.