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From dancing to Britney in Vegas to Dublin for my brother's wedding bash

I'm gearing up for a good old fashioned family wedding at home - my brother is getting married today.

We're all so excited for Frederick and his fiancee Emma who are tying the knot.

Emma is hilarious and so much fun and I know she'll be breaking out her Tina Turner moves on the dance floor tonight.

I'm so excited to see all my family and I know we're going to have such a wonderful day.

I spent yesterday getting pampered and preened with my sister Amber. I'm wearing this amazing red dress by Alex Perry that I got from the Ivory Closet - I actually already wore it to the Eaties Awards so I'm going to wear that again.

It's been a whirlwind week really, we've gone from Vegas to London and then home to Dublin.

I'm just back from Vegas with Brian, he was filming there and it was great to go for a few days but we had really bad jet lag. We kept waking up at 3.30am but the good thing about Vegas is that you can get breakfast from half four in the morning.

I even got to go and see Britney Spears - my friend works with loads of different bands, he sorted me out with tickets. We were two rows back from the front which was amazing.

I love her and she sang all of her hits - every single song was one that you'd want to hear.

This week I've been busy in Dublin with some press calls and to launch the new Skoda Fabia (inset below).

I have a huge interest in cars, my dad was a car salesman and my uncle runs a car dealership so I've been around cars all my life.

I got to DJ loads at Formula 1 events and I absolutely love the buzz and seeing all the cars.

I was back and forth to London - I love the city and I'm really happy living there, but I love Dublin too and luckily I have a great mix of work where I can spend time in both. Eventually I'd like to move back here full time.

I'm really excited for Brian to present the Christmas Toy Show on TV3 next week. He can't wait to do it - he'll probably arrive back with loads of toys.

We'll be spending Christmas Day at Brian's parents' house with the girls.

I love Christmas in Dublin, especially all the lights and the shops and I'm really looking forward to spending it at home this year.