Wednesday 26 September 2018

Freedom of Cork for actor Toibin


NIALL Toibin celebrated one of his proudest moments on stage as he received the Freedom of Cork.

The veteran actor and comedian yesterday admitted he was "overwhelmed" by the honour which Cork City Council bestowed on him in recognition of his lifetime of artistic achievement and his fearless championing of both his native city and the Irish language.

"The freedom of one's native city is a high and very special honour. When that city is Cork, it is difficult to retain one's humility," Mr Toibin (inset) joked.

"It's only natural you should be proud of your own city.

"But if you come from anywhere else (than Cork), if you are proud of your own city then you are only boasting."

Niall has worked alongside Hollywood stars, including Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Robert Mitchum, John Mills and Pierce Brosnan.

He also featured in TV series such as Ballykissangel, Bracken, Ballroom of Romance and The Irish RM.

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