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Freed Nadia says apple reward 'a gift from God'


Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde


Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde was relieved at finally being released from the Celebrity Slammer in the jungle last night - but her release wasn't easy.

Earlier in the day, Tinchy Stryder undertook the Bushtucker Trial and struggled through the Chamber of Horrors to win four stars for the camp.

But instead of feeding his mates at Crock Creek, the rapper decided to release a fellow celeb from the jungle jail.

They opted to release Gemma Collins as she was having such a hard time, but after spending just one night in the camp the Towie star decided to leave.

Nadia and Craig were the last two left in the slammer and had to undergo a walking challenge to get something to eat.

The pair were told that for every 5,000 steps they took collectively they would receive a piece of fruit, so they walked around in circles for about an hour.

"We looked like crazed animals trapped in a cage," Nadia said afterwards.

She and Craig clocked up 13,530 steps to win themselves two pieces of fruit.

"To have just one bit of fruit means so much," said Nadia.

"This apple is a gift from God. It tastes so good."

The pair were then released, but before going to Crock Creek they had to complete an overnight challenge by spending the night in a dark bunker.

At intervals a siren would sound, indicating that stars had been dropped into the bunker - along with rats, cockroaches and other creatures.

They had to find the stars, put them into a capsule and then down a chute that went directly into Crock Creek where the celebs had to stay awake to receive the stars.

Nadia, who has a serious fear of spiders and other creepy-crawlies, was terrified in the bunker.

"The slammer's looking really good right now," she said. "I was experiencing sheer terror."

Despite her fear, she and Craig lasted the night and managed to collect seven of the 10 stars.

"I was proud of myself but I was a bit of a wimp and I did cry, so I'm not proud of that," said Nadia.

However, not everyone was happy that the whole crew were back together.

"I think I'm comfortable with our group, the rescue squad, and now here comes all the new campmates and I'm like, I don't know, I liked our squad the best," moaned former Playboy bunny Kendra.