Tuesday 16 January 2018

Freddy's pal pulled trigger in botched feud gun attack at city home of Hutch family

'Fat' Freddie Thompson
'Fat' Freddie Thompson

A very close associate of gangster 'Fat' Freddie Thompson is the key suspect in the latest murder bid in the city.

Six shots were fired at the home of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's brother, Johnny, in a botched hit.

It is believed Jonathan Hutch, the Monk's nephew, was also in the house in the days leading up to the shooting.

He recently escaped an assassination attempt in Spain that saw innocent Dublin City Council worker, Trevor O'Neill killed.

Neither Johnny or Jonathan Hutch have any involvement in crime.

The latest shooting took place at Drumalee Park on Dublin's northside on Friday as children played nearby.


A convicted criminal was arrested near the scene and taken into garda custody in connection with the shooting.

The criminal was released from garda custody last night, and it is understood that he is not suspected as being the shooter in the incident.

Sources say that he was acting as the getaway driver in the attack and was picked up by gardai in a transit van close to the scene.

A file will be prepared for the DPP.

The man suspected of pulling the trigger is a close associate of 'Fat' Freddie and Liam Byrne and the 34-year-old is understood to be a senior lieutenant within the Kinahan gang.

The criminal, from the south inner city, has a previous conviction for possession of drugs.

It is understood the shooter's assassination attempt was foiled by a brave passer-by, who threw a brick at the gunman as he was opening fire.

The hero then gave chase to the gunman, but fell and damaged his ankle.

The gunman fled and was picked up in a red Opel Corsa by his getaway driver.

The car sped up Blackhorse Avenue, before being dumped and set alight at the entrance to Regal Park in Dublin 7.

Two guns were found in the car which will be the subject of technical examination by gardai.

The house is protected by CCTV cameras and is understood to have a door which has been fitted with reinforced steel - a security measure taken since the recent attacks on other Hutch family members.

Johnny's brother, Gareth Hutch, was murdered in Dublin's north inner city in May.

The spate of attacks on Hutch family members is in retaliation for the murder of high-ranking Kinahan gang member, David Byrne, who was gunned down at a boxing weigh in at the Regency Hotel in February.

Meanwhile, is also understood that gardai are now seeking to use private specialists to help them spy on the Kinahan cartel.

The Sunday Times reported that garda management are expanding their computer crime investigation unit, but there has been no indication as to whether Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan will give the go ahead for private contractors to become involved.


North inner city councillor Nial Ring has encouraged the use of any additional technology available to gardai.

Mr Ring said that all authorities should be doing whatever it takes to stop gangland activities in the capital.

"Whatever it takes - if it takes technology, if it takes more gardai on the streets, whatever it takes has to be done," Mr Ring said.

"If there is a deficiency in the technology that the garda have, obviously the Minister for Justice has to bring in whatever technology or equipment that is needed," he added.

The councillor said serious action has to be taken as soon as possible to prevent children in the areas affected from becoming desensitised to shootings.

"Children were playing out on the street and this desensitises them into somehow thinking that something like this is normal," he said.

"You have shootings, armed gardai,- that's not the way we should be living in the inner city," he added.

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