Tuesday 16 January 2018

Fraudsters now doing hard time after forged hospital letter fiasco


A fraudster who was serving his jail sentence in the relaxed surroundings of Shelton Abbey Open Prison is back doing hard time in Mountjoy after he was caught forging a letter to get an extra day of temporary release.

Darren Carroll (36) is dealing with a much harsher jail regime this weekend after he was busted by a quick-thinking governor.

Carroll from Tramore, Waterford, is serving an 18-month sentence after he was convicted of defrauding a pensioner of €8,000.

However, he was not so lucky when he attempted to 'pull a fast one' on one of the governors in the open prison where he had been housed for the last three months.


The incident unfolded when Carroll made an application to get temporary release on the basis that a person known to him had an appointment with a hospital consultant.

Jail bosses said yes. But it then seems that Carroll was not content with just one day of temporary release and decided he would try to get two.

Sources revealed that, the following day, Carroll went back to the governor who he had been dealing with and requested another day off claiming that the person known to him required hospital surgery.

However, this made the governor suspicious and he asked the inmate for a letter from the hospital consultant.

It is understood that Carroll then forged the letter - and the governor found out.

Carroll is expected to remain in Mountjoy until his sentence is completed in December.

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