Tuesday 23 January 2018

France votes to lift pension age

France's parliament gave final approval to a bill raising the retirement age from 60 to 62, a reform that has infuriated the country's powerful unions and sparked weeks of protests and strikes.

The 336-233 vote in the National Assembly was a victory for conservative President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has stood firm despite the protests.

But the opposition Socialist party, which spearheaded the parliamentary battle against the bill, called its passage "a great disappointment for the French people, who overwhelmingly rejected this profoundly unfair text".

Politician sorry for troops gaffe

A US politician has apologised after a campaign leaflet meant to tout his support for US troops featured a photo of Second World War re-enactors dressed as German soldiers.

Democrat Tim Spear's flier said he was "Covering Our Soldiers' Backs", but the photo showed the backs of four advancing re-enactors in German army uniforms.

He blamed a Washington-based firm of consultants.

Student dies at sports practice

A student was killed when a video tower fell over while he was filming football practice.

Declan Sullivan (20) was filming from a hydraulic scissor lift at Notre Dame University in Indiana when the accident occurred.

"The loss of someone so young is a terrible shock and a great sadness," Notre Dame President John I Jenkins said.

Sullivan, a junior, died at Memorial Hospital in South Bend. His sister, Gwyneth, is also a student at Notre Dame.

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