Friday 26 April 2019

Fr McVerry: ‘I did not endorse candidate’

Fr Peter McVerry has echoed Brian O’Driscoll’s comments in saying he is not endorsing any candidate who has used his image in election leaflets.

A political storm erupted after the

Fr McVerry said: “We were photographed with each councillor individually and obviously this particular councillor has used that photograph for her election leaflets. I would certainly want to say that I’m not aligning myself to any party or candidate.”

But he added how he wasn’t going to get “too upset” about it as there were far more important things to worry about.

Sporting champ Brian has stressed he has no links with the Labour candidate. He said he was “unaware” that his photo was being used on the election leaflet.

“The inclusion of the photo is absolutely not an endorsement of this candidate. Brian gets his photo taken with literally thousands of people every year,” said his spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, Cllr Horgan-Jones (Lab) declined to comment when contacted by

She did Tweet in the wake of the controversy. She said: “Full leaflet for those interested. No implied endorsement from BOD or the DOG.” Another picture showed her posing with a dog on Clontarf seafront.


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