Tuesday 17 July 2018

Four-fifths of women ignorant of birth control

Almost 80pc of Irish women know nothing about long-term contraceptive options, with the pill and condoms being the most relied upon forms of contraception.

Approximately 27pc of Irish women depend on condoms to avoid getting pregnant and the same percentage relies on short-term medicine like the contraceptive pill.

However, according to the new study, women when presented with long-term options chose them over the shorter ones.

At least a third of women opt for long-term contraception when informed of the various choices.


The study, which was carried out for Bayer Healthcare, shone a light on Irish women's attitude to contraception.

And Dr Shirley McQuade said there are myths surrounding longer-acting contraceptives.

The medical director of the Dublin Well Woman Centre said: "There is clearly a need to dispel the myths around long-acting reversible contraception.

"The survey showed that many women are uneasy or are fearful of having an internal long-term contraceptive and more clarity is needed."

She said that there are new devices available nowadays that are small and non-invasive.

Dr McQuade also stated that the latest developments in contraception were proving more effective than more traditional forms.


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