Friday 13 December 2019

Four families hold daily protests in bid to save their homes


Rachel McGuinness and her daughter at the protest
Rachel McGuinness and her daughter at the protest

Four families ordered to leave their emergency accommodation in Dublin are now holding daily protests.

Thirteen households were given just seven days' notice by Dublin City Council (DCC) to relocate from their homes on Mountjoy Street to alternative accommodation after a contract agreement between the private owner of the properties and the council ended on Friday.

The families say the alternative accommodation offered to them is of a lower quality or size, or does not meet their needs.

"As well as that we would have to abide by rules like no visitors to other rooms if we were put in accommodation in a hotel, and a midnight curfew," said Ashling Kenny (32), who lived in the Mountjoy Street property with her partner and three children.

She said she had been offered two separate rooms in a O'Connell Street hotel by the council, a move that would split up her family.

"It's simply not a suitable option," she said.


Gemma Bradley, who moved to Mountjoy Street with her partner and child in November, said she and the other families affected would stay for as long as possible.

"It was a place you could call home, where the kids didn't think they were sleeping in a hotel or a room," she said.

"The rooms are grand in there, and that's why we're fighting for it. They want to hand us something smaller and split us up."

Carol McNulty and her daughter Molly (4) were also on the protest yesterday, which they are trying to make fun for their children by having face painting and sweets.

"I can't do one room accommodation for health reasons, not with my child, so we want equivalent accommodation elsewhere and we'll stay here until that happens," she said.

Rachel McGuinness and her two children Courtney (5) and Matthew (2) also don't want to move from Mountjoy Street until suitable accommodation is offered to them.

"I would prefer not to downgrade to one-room accommodation with two young children. I don't think that's fair on any of us," she said.

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