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Four charged with burglary

FOUR men have been charged with the attempted burglary of a house in Co Kildare.

Shane Byrne, Patrick Connors, Thomas Connors and Darren Kavanagh were remanded on continuing bail at Blanchardstown District Court.

They are charged with attempted burglary and causing criminal damage to a door lock at Craddockstown Park, Naas, last July.

Kavanagh (29), of Kiltalown Heights, and Byrne (23), of Kiltalown Path, both in Tallaght, Thomas Connors (31) of Easton Row, Easton Meadows, Leixlip, and Patrick Connors (25), of Bearna Park, Sandyford, have yet to indicate how they intend to plead. The judge adjourned the case to January 24.

Roman link to

three skeletons

Human remains discovered at an English building site are historic, archaeologists have confirmed.

The remains of three people -- a child aged up to two years, a woman older than 45 and a man aged between 35 and 45, were found at a site near Banbury on December 7.

Archaeologists believe they could date from the Roman period.

Mayor's donkey ride backfires

A Brazilian judge is urging prosecutors to fine a small-town mayor who rode a donkey to his inauguration to needle an opponent who allegedly referred to him as a "burro".

Judge Luciane Glesse says that Passa Sete Mayor Vaderlei Batista should be fined ¤180 for ignoring a restraining order barring any further donkey business from politics.

Sisters drug

their parents

Police say two California teenagers used a prescription sleeping drug to spike the milkshakes of too-strict parents so they could log on to the internet.

The girls offered to pick up milkshakes at a fast-food restaurant and then mixed the drug into the shakes and the couple fell asleep.

The parents picked up a drug test kit the following day. The girls, who were taken to a youth detention centre, told investigators they wanted to use the internet, which was shut down daily at 10pm.