Saturday 18 November 2017

Forget the fake tan, model Fionnuala's happy with pale look


Fionnuala Short (18)
Fionnuala Short (18)

Hear the words "Irish model" and it's hard not to think of fake tan, mermaid style hair extensions and nose-bleed inducing stilettoes.

But thankfully a new breed of Irish model is emerging on the scene. Ladies who are opting for a more demure look.

Take Fionnuala Short (18) for example. The Louth native has ditched the fake bake and clip-ins for a more natural look.

"Being pale is something different," she said.


"Most of my clients have said to me they like my pale skin so I'm suppose it's something different to the usual fake tan," she added.

Fionnuala is one of several models to veer away from the overly manicured tangerine look.

Red-head January Winters and Jo Archbold have spoken about their dislike of fake tan.

Brunette bombshell Fionnuala moved from Andrea Roche's model agency to Assets this year.

"I've been getting a lot work since I moved to Assets from Andrea Roche's agency so it makes sense to finally make the move up to Dublin," she said.

It will be the first time Fionnuala has ever lived away from home and she's looking forward to having her own space.

"I'm really excited because it'll my first time living away from my parents so I can't wait for that."

Modelling can have its ups and downs so Fionnuala is charting the behind the scenes drama on her beauty blog.

The blog is also filled with helpful hints and tutorials for make up junkies.

"One of my make-up tutorials went viral recently and got like 300,000 views, which was amazing," she said.

However, her video did attract some nasty comments but Fionnuala takes it in her stride.

"Some of the comments were very negative, it gradually got kinder but it didn't really bother me too much," she said.


"It was a learning point - you have to grow a thick skin if you're posting videos and your pictures are in the public eye."

Competing for Miss Ireland last summer catapulted her into the industry and she hasn't ruled out going for the crown again.

"Never say never but if I was to go for it again, I'd wait until I was a few years older," she said.

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