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Following in dad's fashion footsteps is 'mad', reveals top designer Simone Rocha




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Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha


Top Irish designer Simone Rocha has revealed that she thinks her career is "mad".

The Ranelagh native has followed in her father John Rocha's fashionable footsteps and is currently one of the world's hottest young designers, but she insists she didn't have to follow her dad's career path.

"It's weird. It's mad. My career was never mapped out like this," she said.

"I know from the outside it probably doesn't look like that, but it's happened really naturally," she added.

As she's made such a mark in her own right, comparisons to her famous father are becoming less frequent - and, in general, Simone doesn't think it's unusual for designers to come from a long line of fashion fans.

"The family thing can be taken either way, I think," she said. "But there are a lot of fashion families - more in Italy: none in Ireland - and I think there must be a reason that happens.

"In a family, you're all working towards the same thing. This has been our whole life, do you know what I mean?

"We're a really close family and I feel privileged to now be holding the family name," she told the British edition of Harper's Bazaar.


Simone's flower-print dress has become one of her most popular designs, with Laura Bailey, Alexa Chung and Chloe Grace Moretz all wearing the frock.

The 28-year-old has also just launched a colourful capsule collection for US denim label, J Brand.

Style bible Vogue has also tipped the designer jeans collection to be a global sell-out. Superstars like Rihanna and Keira Knightley are among the celebrities who have been stepping out in the signature tomboy/feminine catwalk collections by the Dubliner.

She has even got the thumbs-up from the queen of pop Madonna, who posted a photograph of her wearing Rocha's new fake fur flippers on her Instagram page.

But for Simone, while celebrities donning her designs is a highlight, she also appreciates it when interns wear her clothes.