Sunday 18 August 2019

Floods force out 120,000

More than 120,000 people have fled their homes in eastern China as more rains cause landslides and flooding, according to state media.

Flooding in the country this month has already led to thousands of people evacuating and left more than 170 people dead or missing.

Xinhua News Agency said today that a dike breached in Zhejiang province a day earlier and flooded 18 villages.

St Anthony's relic is found

Prayers have been answered for the recovery of a 780-year-old religious relic stolen from a church near Los Angeles.

Long Beach police announced that they have made an arrest and recovered the relic of St Anthony of Padua stolen earlier this week from St Anthony Catholic Church.

St Anthony is the patron saint of lost items and missing persons.

Escapee calls to jailer's door

An escaped US convict was caught following a day on the loose after he knocked on a cabin door -- only to find out the man renting the lodge was an off-duty guard at the prison he just fled.

James Edward Russell (39) took off from the Washington state penitentiary on Tuesday.

Still wearing his prison uniform, Russell went to the cabin asking to use the phone. After a scuffle, Russell ran off but was caught shortly after.

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