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Flight attendant left with bloody foot in 'air rage'


carmel coyne

carmel coyne

Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores O'Riordan

carmel coyne

A flight attendant was left with a bloody foot swollen to twice its normal size after singer Dolores O'Riordan allegedly stamped on her while wearing heavy black boots during an air rage incident.

Carmel Coyne, a marathon runner who has fundraised extensively for charities, has competed several times in the Dublin City Marathon, including this year's event just weeks ago.

She has used her love for running to raise money for charities including Unicef and The Clare Crusaders.


Ms Coyne had been planning on running in the Boston Marathon next year, but must now wait for her foot to heal before she can continue her training.

A friend of the flight attendant, who now lives in Clare, said she was "in shock" following the incident on board the flight EI110 from JFK to Shannon.

"She is supposed to be going to Boston next year but that is up in the air now," said the friend.

"It's just awful. Carmel was really just in shock after it. She was just doing her job. Nobody expects something like that to happen."

Ms Coyne suffered injuries to her foot after she was allegedly stamped on by Ms O'Riordan during an incident on board the aircraft.

She was taken to University Hospital Limerick (UHL) were she underwent X-rays to discover the extent of the damage.

"Carmel's foot was left about twice the size it should have been. It is very, very swollen and quite bloody," said her friend.

An eyewitness who was on the flight described how the singer was wearing heavy black boots with studs.

"The boots alone would have caused enough damage without any force," they said.

They described how the singer had been "very loud" from the moment she had boarded the plane.

"She just got worse and worse as the flight went on. She came on as a typical star and just got totally carried away with herself," they added.

It is understood that during the flight the singer left her seat and refused to sit back down when asked to do so.

Gardai were called to meet flight EI110 shortly before 5am yesterday.

It was when the aircraft had arrived at Shannon 90 minutes early and passengers experienced a delay in disembarking that the alleged assault took place.

The singer is alleged to have stamped down on Ms Coyne's foot causing injury.


"It was awful, actually horrific," said one eyewitness.

On arrest, Ms O'Riordan allegedly assaulted a garda, head-butting him and spitting in his face.

She was taken to Shannon Garda Station where she was questioned. However, gardai called for a medical assessment after the Cranberries frontwoman began singing in her cell.

She was taken to UHL but was released around five hours later at 3.30pm into the custody of her mother, Eileen.

A file is now being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.