Monday 22 January 2018

Fleet of private vans to join blitz on speeding

PRIVATELY owned speed cameras will target 1,500 spots on Irish roads from next month.

Details of the new anti-speeding plan have been announced by gardai, who have also warned young male drivers to slow down on the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

Assistant Garda Commissioner John Twomey made his plea while announcing the launch of a fleet of privately owned vans equipped with speed cameras. They will begin operating next month at locations proven to be the most dangerous.

Warning signs will be erected to tell motorists that these new mobile "safety cameras" will be likely to be in operation in any of the 1,500 'speed enforcement zones' nationwide.

The zones are chosen because of past collisions or where 85pc of vehicles are known to regularly reach or breach speed limits.

The new vans begin operating next month and will spend 6,000 hours each month in the designated zones around the country. A significant number will monitor secondary roads because deaths mainly happen on such roads.

The private vans will reinforce the eight garda traffic camera vans already in operation.

The private company, named 'Go Safe,' will be paid a fixed sum per month, regardless of the number of detections. The company is not on a commission basis and the new van fleet will not be a 'revenue raising' force for the Exchequer, said gardai.

Almost half of all drivers killed on Irish roads are aged under 30 and the vast majority are male. But young passengers are also being warned to be sensible in choosing their drivers as three-quarters of all passengers killed are also aged under 30, said the garda chief.

Eleven people have now been killed in a 10 day period on Irish roads.

Garda Sergeant Jim McAllister of the Garda National Traffic Bureau made a plea to 'over-exuberant' young road users to slow down and be more careful as the time has come "to move away from the grief of the graveside."

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