Monday 18 December 2017

'Flawed' bus gate report sparks backlash

A CITY councillor has accused Dublin City Council of wasting €30,000 on a consultant's report on the bus gate.

He claims the report failed to reveal its economic impact on the city.

Consultants at CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) said they could not fully identify the impact of the bus gate on shopping.

But Cllr Nial Ring (Ind) said consultants were unnecessary and ineffective as the figures were available from the Dublin City Business Association.

"Why are they being paid for it? The DCBA sent in a report outlining the economic impact of it. Why did DCC have to go to an outside association?" he said. "We didn't have to commission a report to find out what the dogs on the street already know."

Tom Coffey, CEO of DCBA, said the organisation provides commercially sensitive information to the council, but it could not do so to a third party like CBRE.

"We gave the information to the councillors over a year ago, and again this year to the city council."

The report by CBRE concluded there has been "a discernible impact" near the bus corridor, which may have come about as a result of its introduction.

But it concluded: "It has been impossible to measure specific impacts without comprehensive transactional or economic data for the city centre region."

A spokesperson for CBRE said fees were agreed during the tender process.

Cllr Ring said there should have been provisions that if CBRE could not assess the economic impact, they should not have been paid.


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