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Flat destroyed as thugs target brothers in raid


John and Francis Watson were targeted

John and Francis Watson were targeted

John and Francis Watson were targeted

A MAN endured a savage beating when four thugs broke into his brother's flat and attacked him with baseball bats before they trashed and flooded the property.

Francis Watson (33) was at his brother John's home in Dolphin House, in the south inner city when the gang broke into the flat at about 11.30pm on Thursday.

Ironically the two brothers previously appeared in court in relation to an incident in which they forced their way into a house and threatened a woman.

In Thursday night's incident four thugs smashed their way through the front door of the Dolphin House flat and detained John Watson (40) in one of the rooms.

His younger brother Francis was their target, and he suffered a severe beating with baseball bats, sustaining a broken wrist while he tried to defend himself.

He also suffered serious cuts to his head, eye and legs.

When the vicious thugs were finished with him they proceeded to smash up the flat and breaking all the windows before they focused their attention on the flat's bathroom.

The gangsters pulled the sink and toilet out of the wall before they went to the hot press and pulled out pipes which caused the property to flood.

Francis - who lives at another address in the north inner city - required hospital treatment after the savage gang attack.

No one was at home when the Herald called to the Dolphin House flat yesterday and found its windows were boarded up.

Both Francis and John Watson were before the courts in 2012 where they admitted charges of burglary and criminal damage.


In that incident, which occurred in November 2011, they forced their way into a house in Clondalkin and threatened a woman after one of their sons claimed that he had been bullied by the woman's son.

Dublin District Court heard that the men were in Dublin city centre when Francis got a call from his son, who was claiming that he had been bullied by another youth.

Francis and John went out to Clondalkin, got the boy to show them where the alleged bully lived, and forced their way through the front door.

They were confronted by a woman, and there was an argument during which a lamp was broken.

The men made threats to the woman.

A neighbour overheard the commotion and he came to the woman's aid and forced the men out.