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Five Irish ranked in Forbes' Rich List of billionaires

FIVE Irish citizens are among the Forbes Rich List of 1,426 billionaires.

While many economies struggle, it seems there has rarely been an easier time to join the billionaires club, with 210 new members this year.

All but one of the five Irish billionaires have slipped down the annual list, which Forbes says controls the global economy. The rich are getting richer: the super rich sit on wealth estimated at $5.4trillion (€4.1tn) – equal to more than one third of the annual output of the US, the world's biggest economy.

Last year, the billionaires club held a combined wealth of $4.6tn (€3.5tn).

The Irish members of the world's most exclusive club are:

• Pallonji Mistry (83), Indian industrialist and construction magnate who became a citizen 10 years ago. He is ranked at 103 with $10.5bn (€8.04bn).

• Denis O'Brien (54), the telecoms and media magnate with a fortune of $5.2bn (€3.9bn), ranking at 233. He is $200m (€153m) richer than 2012.

• John Dorrance (69), the Campbell's Soup billionaire, is at 613 on the Rich List, with assets of $2.4bn (€1.8bn).

• Martin Naughton (73), the Glen Dimplex founder is worth $2bn (€1.5bn) and is number 736 on the List.

• Dermot Desmond (62), the financier, is the only Irish member who has improved his position, moving to 831 from 854, thanks to a $1.8bn fortune (€1.3bn) that is $300m (€229m) larger than in 2012.

Mexico's Carlos Slim (73) tops the list with a fortune of $73bn (€55.9bn). He has interests in mobile telecoms, mining, industry and property.