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Five arrests after mass brawl sparked by €100 drugs debt


Gardai arrested five people. Stock image

Gardai arrested five people. Stock image

Gardai arrested five people. Stock image

A mass brawl involving youths and women in north Co Dublin which led to five arrests started because of a row over an alleged €100 drugs debt.

The fight broke out in the Hamilton Way housing estate in Balbriggan at around 4.30pm on Saturday.

A large number of officers, including armed gardai, responded and one deployed his baton as a teenage suspect resisted arrest.


"These were chaotic scenes to happen in the middle of the day in front of children, but then again most of the instigators of the violence were juveniles themselves," a source said.

"After the arrests it was all calm, but then it kicked off again on Sunday afternoon and a woman in her 30s who had been involved in the earlier scrap was arrested.

"It seems all this mayhem kicked off when a gang of local youths attempted to retrieve a debt of €100."

Gardai in Balbriggan have deployed extra patrols around the housing estate this week in an attempt to ease tensions.

In a separate incident in the area late on Saturday night, a young drug dealer was attacked at his home by members of a Traveller gang who arrived there on the pretence of buying drugs, according to a source.

"He was viciously assaulted and they robbed a small quantity of cash and some bags of cocaine he had which would be worth a few hundred euro," the source said.

The victim did not make a complaint to gardai but it is understood a notorious local criminal linked to the young dealer is demanding money from the Balrothery-based Traveller gang behind the drugs robbery.


This was separate to the mayhem that broke out in the estate on Saturday which gardai confirmed to the Herald that they were investigating.

"Five people were arrested for public order offences. Two male youths will be processed under the Juvenile Diversion Programme," a garda spokeswoman said.

"Three males have been charged and are due appear before Balbriggan District Court at various sittings next month charged in relation to the incident."