Friday 22 November 2019

'Fit' Freddie flees armed officers to escape arrest

GANGSTER 'Fat' Freddie Thompson is back in Dublin and narrowly escaped being arrested by detectives.

Thompson fled officers as they attempted to get him on a city street -- seeking refuge in the arms of his elderly mum.

The 30-year-old criminal was chased by armed officers at Cork Street in Dublin's south inner city yesterday morning.

He only managed to get away when he scrambled into his mother's house and squeezed out a rear window as gardai tried to get a search warrant.

Local sources have now jokingly dubbed the panicked criminal -- who is wanted on a European Arrest Warrant -- as 'Fit Freddie'

Gardai searched Thompson's family home at Loreto Road in the Coombe, under warrant after the chase.

The search is the second time in recent weeks that officers from Kevin Street Garda Station have hit one of Thompson's residences. Last month they raided a nearby apartment he was using.

A source told the Herald: "This is a new low for Thompson. He sees himself as a big player but as soon as he glimpsed the cops he ran off to his ma. If he keeps this up he'll be a laughing stock. The net is tightening on him."

Thompson had fled to his mother's house on Loreto Road after he was spotted by a mobile unit of detectives at around noon yesterday.

Seconds earlier eagle-eyed officers had sighted Thompson walking near Cork Street, close to where gardai carried out an armed search at one of his safe houses last month.

They drove after him as he ran to his mother's house nearby, bolting the front door.

Gardai sealed the front of the house but could not enter because they did not have a warrant.

The cops obtained an emergency warrant at Dublin District Court before lunchtime yesterday and hit the house an hour later, but Freddie was gone.

Gardai believe that the gangboss squeezed through a small window at the rear of the house immediately after bolting the door.

Gardai are continuing their search for Thompson today at a number of his regular south city haunts.

The latest close call for Thompson comes after one of his safe houses was raided and a quantity of drugs was found last month.

Officers carried out a major search operation at an apartment at Cork Street -- which the gang boss was using Dublin as a base.

The 30-year-old criminal is believed to have stayed at the property over the New Year.


Gardai from Kevin Street -- who are targeting Thompson's drug gang -- stormed the apartment with guns drawn in the middle of January.

Thompson was not present at the property when the raid took place.

A garda spokesperson told the Herald: "A search was carried out on January 8 in the Cork Street area. A small quantity of cannabis resin was seized as a result of the search. There were no arrests."

The Herald understands that Thompson had been staying at the apartment with his girlfriend Vicky Dempsey (30), who is the mother of the gangster's child but is not involved in organised crime herself. The cannabis seized belonged to Thompson.

The gangster was reportedly "livid" that his safe house was raided.

A source told the Herald: "Freddie is absolutely furious. The garda came in and tore through the place, they were searching everything.

The apartment was his city hideout and it was in walking distance of his family home. Now he's on the run again, with only the clothes on his back."

The gangster was absent on New Year's Eve as his partner Dempsey celebrated her 30th birthday with friends and family at the Green Isle Hotel in Clondalkin.

He is believed to have hidden out at the Cork Street apartment -- amid fears he would be targeted by rivals.


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