Monday 11 December 2017

Firemen's special delivery as baby Eva born at home

Baby Eva, who was helped into the world by Swords firemen
Baby Eva, who was helped into the world by Swords firemen

Swords firemen aided in the very special delivery of this tiny baby. Little Eva was so eager to come into the world that she couldn't wait for her mum and dad to get to hospital. Instead she decided to make her arrival at home.

Two of Swords Fire Station's finest paramedics were on hand to make sure the birth was safe and Eva was delivered safely.

Barry Holohan and Steve McNally were on ambulance D134 when they were tasked to attend a call where they were told a lady was in labour.

"When we got there it was fairly obvious that things were at an advanced stage, and as we were getting ready everything just happened," Stephen told the Herald.

"In just a few pushes Eva popped out and all was well, but we brought mother and child to the Rotunda anyway just to make sure every thing was fine," he added.


Asked if there was any nervousness or anxiety about the baby being born at home, Stephen praised Eva's parents for their calmness throughout the excitement.

"Daddy even cut the umbilical cord. It was all a very happy situation and it is lovely to be involved in a good news event," he said.

"Barry has attended a few more births than me and I have been at a few where the baby has already been born, but it's something we're all well trained for," he added.

The proud parents, who follow Dublin Fire Brigade on Twitter, kindly allowed the Swords crew to post a picture of newborn Eva on their social media site.


"A lovely story last night as baby Eva arrived at 3am aided by our Swords ambulance crew. Congrats and well done mammy," they said in the message.

Wrapped in a blanket and snuggled warm in her babygro and hat she seems perfectly at home and comfortable in her surroundings.

Home births are not unusual or rare, even in Ireland. In February, baby Bobby Doyle was brought into the world by firemen John Walsh and Tom Gallagher after his mother, Jennifer, went into labour at home in Kilnamanagh, Tallaght.

The two firemen and their colleague, Martin Guilfoyle, had arrived in the nick of time and assisted Jennifer in giving birth to him just one minute later.

"I don't know what we'd have done without them. We're so grateful," said Jennifer at the time. They had kept us calm and made sure we didn't panic. Bobby was born with the cord around his neck, so we're so glad the firemen were with us," she added.

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