Monday 18 December 2017

Firefighters are called out to 32 incidents across the city

Haloween fire
Haloween fire

Dublin fire crews have been attacked and dozens of bonfires lit days before Halloween.

Firefighters were called to 32 Halloween-related incidents across the capital between 5pm on Wednesday and 3.30am on Thursday.

On Tuesday night, thugs threw rocks at a fire engine attending a bonfire on a green area in Tallaght. No one was injured.

Dublin Fire Brigade mapped out the Halloween calls it attended during that period and listed various incidents including bonfires, cars set alight and skip fires.

Halloween is the busiest night of the year for Dublin Fire, Emergency Ambulance and Rescue Service.

Last year, crews dealt with 700 calls in a 16-hour period over Halloween night. The majority related to bonfires, fireworks, burning cars and a small number of domestic fires.

"We would advise people to exercise common sense. Adults, in particular, are requested to keep a watchful eye on the very young, the very old and vulnerable members of our society," the brigade spokeswoman said.

"We would ask all parents to remind their children that firefighters and other emergency service personnel are there to protect them and their property."

The AA is urging motorists to be on the look-out for witches, wizards, and zombies throughout the bank holiday weekend.

Drivers are urged to be extra-cautious on the roads, particularly when driving through housing estates with children out trick-or-treating.

Motorists should reduce their speed and allow a greater braking distance if driving on wet roads, said the AA's Conor Faughnan said.

"With reduced hours of daylight it will be more difficult to see pedestrians in general, but particularly children out and about dressed in dark costumes on Halloween night," he said.

"Children can be unpredictable and, given the excitement of the night, they could easily run across the road unexpectedly ."

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