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Financial strain tells on couples

MORE than 80pc of couples

suffering poor relationships

are affected by financial

problems, experts believe.

Therapists say eight out of

10 couples turning to them for help to save their marriages have cited mounting debt as a factor driving them apart.

Tony Moore, a counsellor with Relationships Ireland, said: "Financial pressures are affecting about 80pc of couples we see, and this is putting a huge strain on relationships.

"Many people are not just concerned about their debt -- they're worried about how they will get through the next month because they've no spare cash."

GPS collars for rare antelope

The world's rarest antelope has been fitted with GPS collars for the first time in the wild in a move that will allow conservation experts to monitor the species.

A total of nine hirola from seven different herds which were identified between the Boni Forest and the Tana River in north-eastern Kenya have been carefully captured and tagged, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) said.

The collars were fitted to at least one animal from each herd to gather information on population growth, movement and behaviour.

¤9k for Good Friday memo

A MEMORANDUM from the final Good Friday Agreement signed by the participants has been sold at auction in Dublin for €9,000.

Featuring the signatures of Tony Blair, John Hume, Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, Marjorie 'Mo' Mowlam and Bertie Ahern, the document had been given a guide price of between €3,000 to 5,000.

But fierce bidding from the UK and Ireland saw it sold to a Belfast Art Gallery.

Man held over ¤154 steak bill

Police say an Italian tourist was arrested after he refused to pay a pricey bill at a Manhattan steak house.

Graziano Graziussi was eating at Smith & Wollensky on Midtown Manhattan's east side. Police say he rang up a $208 (¤154.70) bill -- then told the waiter he forgot his wallet and couldn't pay, though he was found to have money on him.

Police say he appeared drunk and refused to hand over cash.

He was arrested on charge of theft of services.