Tuesday 21 November 2017

Fight goes on as 700 sign up to pay €100 homes tax

THE number of families coughing up the controversial €100 household charge is set to run into thousands by tomorrow.

The Household Charge Project Board has today revealed that over 700 homes have already paid up.

Opponents were today stepping up their campaign, with meetings being held in Dublin and Cork ahead of a national demonstration next week.

The Government has dubbed the charge an "interim measure" before a full-blown property tax of at least €300 is introduced.

The project board has warned that those considering rebelling against the charge will have their ESB bills scrutinised.

Fines of up to €30 will be slapped on households who have not paid the charge by March 31, 2013.

The project board today indicated that a "number of systems" will be used to pinpoint those who dodge the charge.

However, the Campaign Against The Household Charge today claimed that 50pc of households will resist the payment.

Dublin South Central TD Joan Collins told the Herald: "The number of people prepared to say no to this charge is just huge and we will continue to fight it."


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