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FG election hopes fade as posters fail weather test


Suzanne McDonnell's poster

Suzanne McDonnell's poster

Suzanne McDonnell's poster

It looks like Fine Gael's election hopes are fading away even before a single vote has been cast.

The party's local election posters in some areas of Dublin are struggling to withstand the mixed weather over recent days - and it has resulted in some less than colourful images.

It is understood candidates used a number of different printers but a fault has caused a problem for some.


Party sources confirmed to the Herald there was "a technical difficulty" with one supplier, which has since been resolved.

"All candidates impacted have had new posters made up," the source said.

"We have 408 local election candidates and only a small number in a confined area were affected."

Posters cost in the region of €5 each and are the biggest expense for local election candidates.

They have to be taken down within seven days of polling.

Those affected include the posters of Suzanne McDonnell and Maria Mulvany.

Voting for this year's local elections will take place on Friday, May 24.

The results for candidates are then set to stream in across the day on Saturday, May 25.