Sunday 21 January 2018

Feud fears as man runs into busy pub after 'being shot at'

Gardai found no evidence that any shots had been fired
Gardai found no evidence that any shots had been fired

Fresh fears of a feud in Clondalkin are growing after a man in his early 20s ran into a busy west Dublin pub claiming he had been shot at.

However, gardai who rushed to the scene could find no evidence that any shots had been fired.

The bizarre incident happened on the Neilstown Road shortly after 1am on Saturday.

Officers from Ronanstown Garda Station rushed to Finches pub after the terrified man ran in and said he had been shot at by another man with a high- velocity weapon.

Gardai who carried out an examination of the scene found no bullet casings or any other evidence of a gun having been fired.

The incident has led to fears of a new feud in the Clondalkin area as the man had close links with slain drug dealer Jason 'Jay' Carroll (39), who was shot dead in August, 2013 in a separate feud.

It has also emerged that the alleged target has taken to social media, where he has sworn revenge for what he believes was an attempt on his life.

"The worst thing you could did (sic) was shoot and not kill. Watch what's going to happen you, sly b*****d," he wrote in a now deleted online post.

"I betcha ye won't walk down the Neilstown Road like the hard man you think you are, you are dead ye pennyless (sic) piece a s**t."

The man was taken out of Finches pub by gardai, but it is not known if he has provided officers with a statement.

Door staff at the pub did not hear any shots being fired.

Sources said another young man from the Harelawn area of Clondalkin is being blamed by the alleged target for firing shots at him.


The pair had a punch-up a number of weeks ago, and the man being accused of firing shots "got the better of the other fella".

Sources said the fight started because of a money dispute that led to threats being made to the man being blamed for the alleged shooting.

Jason Carroll was a close friend of Daniel Kinahan, the son of Christy Kinahan, who heads Ireland's biggest drugs syndicate.

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