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Feeling left out? Enda makes quick change after tie gaffe

IT'S not good when the head boy turns up for his first day in charge and forgets his uniform.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was left red-tied and red-faced as he turned up to meet the President of the European Council.

On a normal day you might say that the Fine Gael leader was smartly dressed, but when Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore arrived sporting the exact same suit and tie as Herman Van Rompuy, heads began to turn. They gave us a first look at the fancy threads commissioned for our EU Presidency, which includes a grey suit and rather austere green tie with lime specks.

Poor Enda either didn't get the memo or else forgot all about the dresscode.

But never fear, he nipped home and fixed his wardrobe malfunction at lunchtime.

He re-emerged for an afternoon press conference looking like he fitted in with the rest of the gang.