Saturday 22 September 2018

Feared city hood 'The Strangler' resurfaces in Amsterdam drug link



A notorious criminal nicknamed 'The Strangler' has relocated to Amsterdam, is mixing with heavy-duty gangland figures and is trafficking drugs into Ireland, the Herald can reveal.

The feared 39-year-old sex fiend from north Dublin has set up a new life for himself in the Dutch capital and is involved at the "higher end" of the drugs trade, according to sources.

The burly six-foot-three-inch thug from Coolock in north Dublin is considered "a major danger to women" and has a string of convictions here for extremely violent offences.

He gained his distinctive nickname because he is the chief suspect for strangling a middle aged woman to death in her bed during the 1990s.

'The Strangler' was charged in relation to the gruesome unsolved case but the charges were later mysteriously dropped.

No one has ever been convicted of the respected grandmother's savage murder and her family previously expressed their anger that they did not get any answers from the DPP about why the case collapsed.

The family have also called for the case to be reopened but this has not happened.

Sources said that after this he continued with a sick reign of terror which included him brutally sexually assaulting another middle-aged woman after breaking into her Dublin home in a shocking attack.

He was later jailed for three years for this offence and after serving that sentence he relocated to continental Europe.


Little had been heard of the thug for years but it has emerged that 'The Strangler' is making a name for himself in The Netherlands.

"It just goes to show that these gangsters don't care who they deal with as long as they can keep the money coming in and this individual seems to be playing his role in that," a source told the Herald.

"This fellow is one of the most-feared sex beasts in north Dublin and yet they are happy to do business with him.

"He has always had a really sick, dangerous hatred of women. He is deranged and it only takes one drop of alcohol to make him crazy."

Apart from his suspected involvement in murder and his brutal sex assault conviction, 'The Strangler' was convicted of brutally stabbing an innocent woman in a sick attack in north Dublin when he was just a teenager. The individual has now been involved in serious crime for two decades.

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