Wednesday 16 January 2019

'Fat' Freddie quizzed over alleged 'logistics' role in Daithi murder

Thompson is being questioned over the murder of Douglas
Thompson is being questioned over the murder of Douglas

Detectives are continuing to question gangland figure 'Fat' Freddie Thompson on suspicion he played a 'logistics' role in a feud murder.

Thompson (35) was detained by armed detectives in north county Dublin as he returned from the UK.

He is currently being questioned in relation to the murder of David 'Daithi' Douglas (55), who was shot dead on Bridgefoot Street on July 1.

Sources have said that 'Fat' Freddie is suspected of having a logistical involvement in the gun killing but is not suspected of pulling the trigger.

"A lengthy investigation has ensured that a lot of evidence has been gathered by detectives, which includes CCTV footage and mobile phone usage," a source said.


Sources have also revealed that, if the criminal is still detained on Friday - when an all-out garda strike is planned - that the industrial action will not jeopardise the investigation.

"If the strikes go ahead there are still superintendents who can take over questioning, as well as the Emergency Response Unit (ERU), who are exempt from striking, and probation garda if needs be," a source said.

Thompson was arrested on Tuesday afternoon by gardai as he was driven by car from Newry. He had earlier boarded a flight to Belfast and made his way to the border town by bus, before being picked up in a car by an associate.

The Kinahan cartel associate is being held at Kilmainham Garda Station, where he can be detained for a period of up to seven days from the time of his arrest.

Father-of-one David 'Daithi' Douglas was shot six times outside a shop which is run by his wife.

Douglas was connected to the Provisional IRA in the 1980s and took part in a post office robbery in Tallaght, during which he fired a rifle at a garda.

He received a 12-year sentence for attempted murder.

Douglas survived an attempt on his life last year, when he was shot several times while walking his dog.

Gardai suspect that a notorious hitman for the Kinahan cartel was used in Douglas' killing. The thug, who is in his late 20s, is suspected of pulling the trigger before fleeing the scene in a Mercedes car.


A close associate of former druglord Martin "Marlo" Hyland, the hitman is suspected of involvement in a number of other murders, including innocent mother-of-two Baiba Saulite and feud victim Eddie 'Neddie' Hutch (59).

Detectives are investigating whether Douglas became a target for the cartel after he was wrongly blamed for being involved in a plot to kill cartel associate Liam Roe outside the Red Cow Hotel on the night of November 6 last year.

However, Douglas was not at the Red Cow as he was involved in a pub brawl in Phibsborough.

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