Thursday 18 January 2018

Fashion on TV is dead, says Brendan

BRENDAN Courtney and Sonya Lennon are bringing the Irish fashion industry into the 21st Century with their new app, Frock Advisor.

Courtney, who used to host Off the Rails on RTE with Lennon, believes that producing fashion programming for TV is redundant as everyone now has instant access to fashion shows, shops, magazines and style inspiration on their phones.

"What we're doing is a marriage of fashion and technology. Years ago we realised that people were watching Off the Rails on RTE Player - they were accessing it on their phones," Courtney told the Herald.

"Fashion on TV is dead. It's a waste of time and it's dated by the time it airs because fashion is instantly accessible.

"For people who are interested in style, it's readily available to you through Instagram, Twitter, different fashion and magazine apps - it's instant so fashion is just not suited to TV any more.

"So we quit the show a few years ago and took our chances launching our own line, Lennon Courtney and our Frock Advisor app.


"We're still working very closely with RTE on it, they are so digitally engaged now."

Frock Advisor, which is free to download from the iTunes and android app stores, connects fashion lovers with their favourite independent boutiques.

Users can post a photo of something they want and the boutiques can respond in a "fotocon" - a photographic conversation - sending a photo of similar items they have in stock.

The stylish duo have declared March 26 as Fashion Independents Day. To celebrate, they are holding a Fashion Grand Prix where five of Ireland's most influential bloggers - Annmarie O'Connor, Courtney Smith, Lorna Weightman, Ciara O'Doherty and Anouska Proetta Brandon - will be visiting as many boutiques as possible and taking selfies.

Whoever trends highest on social media is the winner.

They plan to take their Fashion Grand Prix to London on May 27 when it will be held in conjunction with the British Fashion Council and then to New York in July.


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