Sunday 16 December 2018

Farrah snaps on Fair City and reveals Heather's dark secret

Una Kavanagh as Heather in Fair City
Una Kavanagh as Heather in Fair City
Fair City

She has kept Heather's secret for too long and now Farrah is set to reveal the truth on tonight's Fair City.

Viewers were left reeling when they saw the mentally unwell mother attack Farrah and take her daughter to a shopping centre, where she dragged her to the edge of a stairs.

Farrah can't stand her family defending Heather's actions while commending her for being a great mother. She finally snaps and tells Sheena that Heather has drugged her young daughter Ellie.

However, Farrah is then met with denial from her family, with Renee telling her that it looks like she is the one who is in need of help, not Heather.

Eventually, Farrah forms an uneasy truce with her family when they start to believe Heather poisoned her daughter.


After Heather discovered Ciaran was Katie's kidnapper, he is growing increasingly worried about his secret being blown.

He becomes wary of Sheena Hannigan, who is eager to question Ellie about what she has been through and worries Ellie could tell her about Katy.

He tries to confide in the woman he has kidnapped but, as she realises he is not letting her out and Heather has not come to rescue her, she grows bitter and wants nothing to do with him.

Meanwhile, Dr Cara Delahunt tells Dermot Fahey he will need to come back for regular visits to track his recovery from cancer once he leaves hospital.

He realises he might need Robbie's help to get medication for his plan to go on the run. Robbie refuses and explains he can't guarantee the drugs will be legit.

Robbie is told by Jane that Dermot could die and leave his son Ben fatherless if he does not get the medication and he finally agrees to help.

Fair City airs tonight on RTE One at 8pm

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