Monday 21 January 2019

fans queue for some 'eye-candy' Gandy

Top model David Gandy brought Grafton Street to a standstill yesterday morning for an appearance at Marks & Spencer.

Queues of fans patiently waited outside the southside store from early on just to get a glimpse of their immaculately-clad idol.

The 6'3"hunk of eye-candy finally appeared shortly after 12.30pm where he posed briefly for pics as the store was thronged with fans keen to see him in the flesh.

But despite flying over to Ireland to launch his new underwear range for Autograph for M&S, he was keeping his clothes firmly on for the photocall, much to the disappointment of attendees.

Looking dapper in a checked grey suit with a blue shirt and camel-coloured cardigan, he sent his Irish female fans into a frenzy as he turned on his best Zoolander pose for the cameras.

The model, who was rumoured to have dated Bray-born MTV beauty Laura Whitmore last year, said that he was "full prepared to be mobbed by Irish women".

The pair set tongues wagging after being pictured attending a number of high-profile events in London. But Gandy was giving nothing away, saying that he "never really talks about my personal life".

And despite his perfectly- honed six-pack and chiselled features, he insists he doesn't hog the bathroom when it comes to getting ready.

"I don't really take that much time at all to get ready. I'm not a good morning person so I don't spend more than 20 minutes," he said.

The star of the famous Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue TV ad went on to say how he doesn't think twice about stripping off and showing off his buff body.

"I'm used to it now. I've been doing it 14 years now, modelling," he continued.

The 24-year-old Essex native did admit though that it takes a lot of time in the gym to get his streamlined physique.

"I never really know how to answer that question because people expect some amazing short-cut or fitness secret and it simply doesn't exist. It's a lot of hard work, unfortunately. No big secret," he added.

And although he has just unveiled his new Autograph range for M&S, some of it has already sold out in certain stores, such is the 'Gandy effect.'


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