Wednesday 23 January 2019

Fans paint Vegas green as McGregor knocks out Poirier

IRISH fans were in top voice as UFC fighter Conor McGregor destroyed his opponent in the first two minutes of their fight in the early hours of yesterday morning.

McGregor had promised to beat Dustin Poirier in the first round of the UFC178 fight and he did just that, winning by TKO in just one minute and 46 seconds.

His win was all the more incredible given the featherweight had torn a number of ligaments in his thumb just four weeks ago.

title Irish fans made up at least 10pc of the crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and made their presence known, booing loudly at Poirier as he took to the octagon.

Conor's girlfriend, Dee Devlin, travelled to Vegas for the fight and said: "Wow MGM is flooded with Irish...the number one fans in the world. Out supporting the champ of the world."

And with his win yesterday, McGregor is one step closer to the world title, which he promises is "next".

Speaking to UFC commentator Joe Rogan after the fight, McGregor (26) reinforced that he wants to go all the way as he was only two fights off the top UFC178 main card.

"I wanted to come over here to America and show the American public the new era of the fighting Irish," he said.

"I brought my whole country with me. If one of us goes to war, we all go to war.

"You know what's next. That world title is next.

"I'm gonna fly to Brazil if they [UFC] want. I'll eliminate Chad 'Mini' Mendes and step in and give the fans what they want - Aldo versus McGregor.

"Or you know we could come back [to Dublin] and fill that football stadium [the Aviva]. Come on over, we'll whoop them on home soil or away soil. It's no problem," he added.


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