Tuesday 17 July 2018

Fans get a creepy peek at what's to come in series two of The Fall

thIS could be the creepiest moment of The Fall when serial killer Paul Spector comes face to face with his nemesis.

Irish actor Jamie Dornan is returning to our screens this autumn as the eerie murderer and rapist who has so far escaped the police.

But DCI Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson, is hot on his heels this time around.

As he wreaks havoc in Belfast he is pursued by the former X-Files star. Last season the killer narrowly escaped her clutches, but in the newly released promo for the video it seems likely the two are ready to come face to face.

The video shows the blonde actress, motionless, posed in the same style as the killer's victims while he hovers menacingly over her bed.


"A killer within reach" reads the tagline on the video, hinting that the two will come head to head in the second installment of the drama.

In an interview earlier this year, the Belfast actor revealed that he felt comfortable in his character's skin and that in this season viewers would learn more about what made killer Spector the way he is.

"Maybe in the second series of 'The Fall' we will find out why Spector is the way he is," he said. "There are reasons for these people being the way they are and that's what drives them."

The show was the highest-rating BBC drama premiere in eight years.

Model-turned-actor Dornan (32) since landed the career-changing role of Christian Grey in the hugely anticipated 50 Shades of Grey.


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