Sunday 23 September 2018

Fans do Conor proud as thousands arrive to turn Vegas green


Fans at the MGM
Fans at the MGM

A WORLDWIDE army of Irish fans shook Las Vegas to its very foundations as Conor McGregor claimed the featherweight interim crown at UFC189 in the MGM Grand.

As the Crumlin fighter battled it out in the Octagon with Chad Mendes, his fans did their best to blow the roof off the legendary venue.

Nicole Harris, the daughter of Alan Harris, who passed away tragically last month did her dad proud at the fight.

Alan (45) and his brother Stephen (32) Harris were working on an underground tank in a Portmarnock housing estate on June 10 when both were overcome by fumes and later died in hospital.

This weekend in Vegas, Nicole and her boyfriend Brian Nolan waved a giant Irish flag emblazoned with the words "In memory of Alan Harris" with a picture of her dad on it.

Following the epic win, Irish fans flooded the MGM Grand in high spirits.

Enda Scullion (27) travelled from Derry to watch the fight alonsgide some 200 people. "Hundreds of people were still singing in the hall at 5am after the fight. I've never seen anything like it," he told the Herald.

"He's just a superstar - I was sitting beside Americans who were cheering him in the arena."

MMA's newest fan, Sinead O'Connor, also joined in the celebrations after singing the athlete into the ring.

She was pictured afterwards with him and posted it online with the words "jaysus that was fun".

Karl Cannon, a coach at Straight Blast Gym, where McGregor trains, was bowled over by the success of their star fighter.

"It feels surreal. Conor has lifted the spirits of the whole country - it's incredible," he said.

Former Lord Mayor Christy Burke has called on Dublin City Council to hold a civic reception for the Dubliner on his return.

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