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Fancy a cheap pint? Head for Prague as Dublin’s fourth dearest


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Travellers planning to enjoy a tipple on their European city break should head to Prague for the cheapest drinks, according to new research.

The Czech capital was ranked number one out of 16 popular destinations across the continent based on the price of a dozen drinks, while Dublin was the fourth dearest.

Post Office Travel Money found that the bar bill cost €37.50 in Prague, including €1.63 for a bottle of beer, €2 for a glass of wine and €2.20 for a shot of tequila. The same 12 drinks cost more than twice as much in the Spanish coastal city of Marbella, which came bottom of the list at €93.

Eastern European cities dominated the top of the rankings, with Budapest at number two (€39) followed by Krakow (€44), Riga (€64) and Tallinn (€68).


Palma on the island of Majorca emerged as the cheapest in Western Europe at €73, while Dublin was at number 12 (€81).

The totals were calculated by taking the average price for each drink at several restaurants, bars and nightclubs in each city.

Andrew Brown of the UK’s Post Office Travel Money said: “Our research shows that the cost of a special celebration evening out can vary dramatically, depending on your choice of drink and which city you visit. Check out prices before booking a city break because some advance homework can help to ensure the bar bill doesn’t bust the celebration budget.”

This is the ranking of 16 popular European city break destinations based on the cost of 12 drinks for travellers (total in brackets), according to Post Office Travel Money:

1. Prague, Czech Republic (€37.50); 2. Budapest, Hungary (€39); 3. Krakow, Poland (€44); 4. Riga, Latvia (€64); 5. Tallinn, Estonia (€68); 6. Palma, Majorca (€73); 7. Berlin, Germany (€75); 8. Amsterdam, Netherlands (€75); 9. Barcelona, Spain (€79); 10. London, UK (€79); 11. Rome, Italy (€80); 12. Dublin, Ireland (€81); 13. Paris, France (€81); 14. Ibiza Town, Ibiza (€85); 15. Bruges, Belgium (€85); 16. Marbella, Spain (€93).