Wednesday 13 December 2017

Fan Shane's feeling a little blue in hunt for final tickets

Shane Peppard
Shane Peppard
Dublin fan Shane Peppard and sons

He's known nationwide for painting himself blue when Dublin play, and fan Shane Peppard now has his two sons joining in.

Smurf-like Shane (30), from Clondalkin, has been pictured several times on Hill 16 holding the Dublin flag aloft.

The 2013 All-Ireland was the first time Shane painted himself blue and it was all down to his desperation to get a ticket.


"I'd been to all the Dublin games leading up to the final and I'd been struggling in the week beforehand to get a ticket. It just wasn't happening," Shane said.

"The morning of the final I got a brainstorm, I said I'd paint myself blue and head towards Croke Park."

He took a photograph and put it up on Facebook begging for a precious ticket. "Luckily enough, a pal of one of my friends had one," he said.

The blue paint became a regular occurrence, even during the winter.

"For the league games I just did my face because it was so cold. When the weather started picking up, I did the whole body," he said.

Like father, like sons and Shane's two boys, Clayton (9) and Callum (6), are also taking on the blue hue to show their support.

"Clayton loves the football and Callum isn't that into it but he loves the atmosphere, he loves going to the games and having the craic, cheering and singing.

"I'd normally do my face and the front of my body and my partner Jennifer would do my back. Then we'd paint the kids," Shane said.

Despite the family going the extra mile, they're still on the hunt for final tickets.

"I might have two, but I still need another two for my partner and the other little fella," he said.

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