Friday 24 November 2017

Family vows not to hold Jason Corbett’s funeral until children are returned

Victim Jason Corbett pictured with his children Sarah and Jack
Victim Jason Corbett pictured with his children Sarah and Jack
Jason Corbett

THE family of a Limerick man who was killed in the US last week have vowed not to hold his funeral until they have full custody of his children.

Jack (10) and Sarah (8) Corbett were put in the custody of the Department of Social Services (DSS) in the US last week after their father Jason  was killed.

The DSS has since put the children in the care of his wife Molly Martens Corbett, who is the main suspect in the case.

Jason Corbett (39) suffered fatal head injuries after a domestic incident in his home in North Carolina.

Tracey Lynch and her husband David have flown to the US with friends and family in order to bring the children back to Ireland.

They have spent a significant amount of money trying to repatriate his body and bring his children home to Ireland.

“We are after throwing tens of thousands of euro at this on attorneys this week and attorneys are not going to sort this out; the politicians are going to sort this out with us,” David said.


“It shouldn’t need anyone to intervene. These children are here illegally now. They should be handed over to us.”

Tracey and David have brought a copy of Jason’s will with them to the US.

David said the will states that his children are to be put into their care should anything happen to him.

Jason was widowed in 2006 when the children’s mother Mags passed away after suffering an asthma attack.

Sarah was just 12 weeks old at the time.

“Before Tracey boarded a flight in Ireland she was told by the Department of Social Services here that they were going to go to the house, take the kids and give them to Tracey,” said David.

“When she arrived in New York they rang Tracey and told her that they were going to give them to Molly.

“When Tracey asked how can she see them, they basically told her that there is nothing that they can do.

“We have not seen or spoken to the children. Tracey spoke to one of them for about 10 seconds when we were in the car before we left.”

The family are now calling on the Irish Government to intervene in the case.

David said that both Jack and Sarah moved to the US on their father’s visa four years ago.

“The kids were here on Jason’s work visa as Irish citizens. Jason is now dead so now the kids are illegal here,” said David.

“It shouldn’t need anyone to intervene, these children are here illegally now.

“They should be handed over to us as per their father’s wishes,” he added.

“We have to stay here and fight the legal battle, so there’s no plans to bury Jason at home yet,” David explained.

“We won’t bury him unless his two children are here,” he added.

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