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Family terrorised after dad beaten and hit on head with a hammer


Nigel Homan pictured yesterday after his ordeal

Nigel Homan pictured yesterday after his ordeal

The Mulhuddart home of Nigel Homan where the aggravated burglary took place.

The Mulhuddart home of Nigel Homan where the aggravated burglary took place.

Nigel Homan pictured yesterday after his ordeal

A FATHER has revealed how he feared for his children's lives when two armed raiders burst into his home, violently assaulted him and threatened his family in the latest horrific aggravated burglary.

The two ruthless raiders entered the west Dublin house through its front door as the family was sleeping shortly before midnight on Monday.

One raider, who has been described as tall, was armed with a knife and a hammer while his smaller accomplice was armed with a hammer and a crowbar.

Nigel Homan (42) was in bed in a downstairs room when the criminals burst through the front door.

The raiders began to savagely assault the father of three.

He was hit in the head with a claw hammer which required 12 stitches and will also need plastic surgery to reconstruct his ear.

Mr Homan's 12-year-old son was dragged from his bed as he slept in an upstairs room after one of the criminals kicked in the bedroom door and forced him to go downstairs where chaotic scenes were unfolding.

As this was happening, Mr Homan's 16-year-old daughter had a knife held to her back as she was marched around the house by thugs who are described as having Traveller accents.

They demanded to know where the jewellery and cash was as they threatened the traumatised teenager.


His eldest son Michael (18) also had a knife held to his throat during the horrifying ordeal, which began shortly after 11.30pm at the Wellview Avenue, Mulhuddart.

Speaking to the Herald yesterday after being released from Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown, Mr Homan described how he feared for his children's safety when the raiders entered the house.

"They hit me with the claw hammer, but I didn't go down. I couldn't, because all that went through my mind was 'I have to protect my kids', that's all I was thinking about", he said

"My partner was so terrified she tried to jump out of the upstairs window, and they held a knife to my daughter's back when they dragged her around the house", he added.

During the shocking incident the burglars repeatedly demanded the whereabouts of a young man who is well known to Mr Homan.

"All they kept saying was 'where's the laptop?' and asking for the other man, he explained.

"Even when it was clear that we were a family who had done nothing wrong, they still kept going at us," he added.

The father also said that his family could not move back into the Mulhuddart home, having only been living there for two nights when the shocking incident occurred.


"My kids definitely won't go back to the house. After what we were put through, there's no way we can go back. We were only there for two days, minding our own business, and then this happens," Mr Homan explained, visibly upset by the shocking incident.

The two men made off with three mobile phones, an X-Box games console and a small quantity of cash. They also stole the keys to Mr Homan's 06 reg company van, which they used to flee the scene.

No arrests have been made in the investigation which is being conducted by gardai based at Blanchardstown Garda Station.