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Family living in fear as racist thugs target home

A POLISH family living in Clondalkin have told how daily racist attacks on their home by roving gangs of youths are making their lives a living hell.

Robert Mielnik and his partner have been living in Melrose Park, Bawnogue, since 2008, and on some nights they all have to sleep in one room because their young children are living in fear.

Robert said groups of youths have thrown a metal bar, stones, eggs, sticks and bottles at the house, and that windows have been broken around five times.

As well as the house being damaged, Robert's car has been attacked and his family suffer verbal abuse and threats.

But Robert has said that despite going to gardai and showing them CCTV footage of the attacks, the situation has not changed.

"We moved here in 2008 and there was some trouble at the beginning with stones and plastic bottles being thrown at the house," Robert told the Herald.

"Then it stopped for a long time, but around six months ago it started again."

Robert lives with his partner and her older son, and the couple have three children together, two of whom were born in Ireland, and have Irish names and passports.

Robert feels that one incident in particular has sparked the current spate of attacks.

"I caught a guy one night throwing things at the house, and followed him in my car to his parent's house and told them," Robert explained.

"The next night a gang of young people came and smashed the windscreen of my car," he added.


"Now it has been every night for six weeks that I have them attacking the house. They come after 8pm and throw anything from stones, to eggs, to sticks and metal bars," he explained.

Robert said he would like to move from his rented accommodation but finding somewhere new to rent at a price he can afford is very difficult.

"My partner has said she wants to move back to Poland, but our children want to stay because they are in school here and have made friends, they are learning good English too," he said. "We are the only Polish family living on the road, and the only family who is having this trouble. I think it is 100pc racist.

"I've had help from the gardai for three days now. I had a visit at home from community police," he added.

"I would also hope the parents of the people doing it would try to stop their kids from anti-social racist behaviour," Robert explained.

Gardai have confirmed that the attacks on Robert's house are being investigated, and they appealed for anyone with information to bring it to the attention of the local station.

Robert said he has to try to organise his work hours so he can be home as often as he can with his kids because they are afraid without him.