Thursday 23 November 2017

Family left homeless after apartment blaze

Rory Martin with his partner Claire Farrell and their children Rory Jnr (3) and Savannah (9) in Ballymun
Rory Martin with his partner Claire Farrell and their children Rory Jnr (3) and Savannah (9) in Ballymun

A family have been left homeless after an apartment below theirs went on fire and led to smoke and water damage.

Rory Martin and his partner Claire Farrell, along with their children Savannah (9) and Rory Jnr (3), were renting their apartment privately at Geraldstown Wood in Santry when a unit below them went up in flames on August 23.

The Herald previously reported how the woman living in the apartment where the fire broke out, Leanne Conroy (26), fears she has lost all her possessions and those of her six-year-old daughter, Carly.

The residents of the units affected by the fire were initially put up in the local Metro Hotel for a few days by the management company, but Mr Martin said this arrangement came to an end at the weekend and now they have nowhere to stay.

"We have been left homeless through no fault of our own. A fire happened in an apartment below ours and we had to be rescued as a result," he said.

"Now the landlady has had to put us out because it will take weeks to fix the place. But it might get sold once it is renovated. We have no guarantee that we'll get into it again.

"Now we have nowhere to go with our two children. We're spread out over different friends and relations but there's no space for us all together.

"We're going to the council to see if anything can be done for us, but with the homeless crisis there's no accommodation anywhere.

"We have been homeless before and we don't w ant to go through that again."

Speaking about the fire on August 23, he said he remembered hearing the fire alarm sounding.


"I went out to turn off the siren because I thought it was a false alarm, but a neighbour had smelled smoke and we tracked it down to Leanne's apartment," he said.

"We banged on the door and there was no response, and we were afraid she might be in there with her girl so we kicked in the door and were met with a plume of smoke and heat."

Mr Martin said they shouted out to see if anyone was inside, but had to close the door.

"I ran back up to Claire and told her we had to get out at once with our little boy, but when we got back out the whole landing was full of smoke," he said.

"I told Claire to wait by the window to try and get some air, but the smoke was blowing up from below. It was frightening.

"Eventually, the fire brigade arrived and they grabbed the little fella and Claire and took them down a ladder.

"I was still in the apartment, and the next thing the door was broken down and the firemen grabbed me and brought me downstairs. All I remember seeing was the flashlights in the smoke and then finally getting outside."

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