Friday 24 November 2017

Family in despair after beloved pet dog Marvin has throat slashed

The injuries to Marvin's neck
The injuries to Marvin's neck

Gardai are hunting a teenage gang which tortured a pet dog by trying to castrate him before cutting his throat and leaving him to die in agony.

Owner Sylvia McCarthy broke down as she said she was baffled as to how anyone could inflict such terrible suffering on a beloved pet.

Five-year-old Jack Russell terrier Marvin was still alive when found. Despite desperate efforts to save him, he died a short time later.

It is believed Marvin was attacked sometime over Friday or Saturday.

It is suspected the beloved pet was cornered and snatched by the gang and brought to a remote location, where he was attacked and tortured.

"I'm absolutely sickened by what happened," Sylvia said.

"How can anyone inflict this type of pain and suffering on another creature? When the guards brought Marvin to the vets his head was half cut off."

Sylvia became worried about Marvin and went looking for him in fields around Mayfield in Cork. He had been thrown into high grass. Locals suspect a gang of teenagers are behind the attack.

Sylvia has now launched an appeal for information on gangs that are targeting pets in the greater Cork area.


Cork radio station RedFM has offered a reward for information leading to the identification and prosecution of the gang involved.

Cork Lord Mayor Councillor Chris O'Leary described the attack as "barbaric" and vowed to back the appeal.

"They tortured him - that is what they did, pure and simple," Sylvia said.

"We have spent the weekend crying our hearts out over what was done to Marvin. It is sickening, none of us can believe it. He didn't deserve this.

"This has shocked our family - particularly my daughter Abby (12), who absolutely adored Marvin. We had him since he was a puppy.

"I was looking for Marvin when I got a call from my son Zak (13), who told me that Marvin was lying badly hurt near our home."

Gardai have previously investigated reports that two gangs are using dogs, including a greyhound, to hunt down and kill pet cats and terriers around Cork. Some areas of Cork have been left virtually cat-free because of the gangs' actions.

Other parts of Ireland - including Dublin, Galway and Limerick - have also reported high-profile animal cruelty cases over recent months.

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