Friday 18 January 2019

Family flee house fire as grandad hospitalised

A FAMILY, including two young grandchildren, managed to escap a house fire in Dublin early this morning.

The incident took place at Whitethorn Gardens in Palmerstown, Dublin 22.

The house is occupied by a couple, their two grown-up children and two grandchildren, neighbours told the Herald.

A badly burnt refrigerator along with charred counter-top pieces could be seen in the front yard today.

However, there was no visible damage to the outside of the home.

"There were three fire brigades outside the house at 2am," a neighbour said.

"There were screams from a woman. It was all very confusing.


"They have an attic conversion so in the smoke there was confusion about whether there was someone in there," she added.

"I don't think there was [anyone still inside]. I think it ended up that he was outside. There was thick smoke," the woman said.

Another neighbour said that the family all managed to get out.

"The owner of the house managed to get everyone out. We came outside and everyone was outside already," the man said.

The grandfather was taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.

"They were quite lucky," said fire brigade spokesman. "There was a serious amount of smoke through the house.

"The man was taken to hospital suffering from the affects of smoke inhalation," he said.

Locals who came by said the family were "absolutely blessed" that it was not more serious.

Relatives of the family returned to the house this morning in order to collect belongings.


Elsewhere, a former factory has been extensively damaged in a blaze in Portarlington, Co Loais.

More than 10 units of the fire brigade battled with the blaze, which occurred just off Canal Road.


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