Tuesday 16 January 2018

Family deny Shane followed ex on Thailand trip

Relatives of killer Shane Clancy have insisted that the disturbed young man took a recent trip to Thailand to relax, and have hit out at suggestions that he was following his former girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan.

Shane, who broke up with his girlfriend Ms Hannigan (22) six months ago, planned an extended trip to Australia to rest and broke the journey with a stop off in Thailand.

Shane's cousin Chris Clancy, who lives in Thailand with his wife, told the Herald that this was to be a time for Shane to get his thoughts together and relax in the idyllic setting of the Asian country.

"I live in Thailand and I was contacted by Shane before he arrived," Chris said. "He said he would be stopping off here before he travelled on to Australia, Fiji and America.

"He said he needed a break away from Ireland for a bit and he just wanted to relax on a remote beach," he explained. "He did not follow that girl [Jennifer Hannigan] to Thailand at all," insisted Mr Clancy.

Mr Clancy added that Shane seemed to be improving during the holiday and his relieved family believed his depression was lifting.

"Shane had a great time with myself and my Thai wife in Bangkok. He was a bit depressed but seemed to be getting happier as time went by," Chris said.

"I sent him to my friend's beach resort, which is two hours south of Bangkok, and he had a good time there also," he revealed. "My friend said he just relaxed on the beach and was reading a book about the new American president."

The image is in stark contrast to the disturbed young man who unleashed a savage attack on his ex-girlfriend Jennifer, her boyfriend Seb Creane and Seb's brother Dylan on August 16.

Earlier this summer, Shane called off a charity fundraising trip to India citing personal reasons.

Gardai are investigating whether Shane Clancy, who murdered Seb Creane (22) before killing himself, may have misused anti-depressants that had been prescribed for him just a week before the tragic night.

Earlier this week Shane's father, Patrick Clancy, spoke of the devastation and confusion he felt when gardai turned up on his doorstep to say that he had been involved in a stabbing incident.

"I still don't believe my son was in his right mind. Shane could have never lived with what he had done," Mr Clancy said. "Shane was a pacifist and I don't think he knew what rage or anger was and when it hit him, it was too late. A few seconds and everything was gone."


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