Monday 18 December 2017

Family attacked by gang of thugs have 'now lost everything'

Thomas Flynn at Clonmel Circuit Court yesterday - on the right, he's pictured at Cashel District Court in November 2013
Thomas Flynn at Clonmel Circuit Court yesterday - on the right, he's pictured at Cashel District Court in November 2013

The mother of aggravated burglary victim Mark Corcoran said the gang of thugs who burst into the family's home should not have had part of their prison sentences suspended.

Kathleen Corcoran said it was "heart-wrenching" that members of the gang had so many previous convictions.

Speaking to Joe Duffy on Radio One's Liveline programme yesterday, she said her young grandchildren are "terrified" if they hear noises at night.

She said the invasion of the home by seven thugs left Mark, his wife Emma, and their three young children deeply traumatised.


The Dublin gang members were sentenced to a total of 105 years in prison at Clonmel Circuit Court last week.

Parts of some of the sentences were suspended.

Thomas Flynn.jpg
Thomas Flynn at Clonmel Circuit Court yesterday - on the right, he's pictured at Cashel District Court in November 2013

"It is so heart-wrenching to think that they had all these previous convictions," she said.

She went on to say that no part of their sentences should have been suspended because all except one of them had previous convictions.

Expressing horror at the attack on the family, she said: "I didn't think anybody could be so evil against another human being.

"The children, if they hear a noise at night, they're terrified - they won't sleep," she said.

"They think 'the bold men, the bad men,' are coming back to them."

Immediately after the raid, the couple's two-year-old child was "in her cot, clutching her little teddy and rocking back and forth with fear".

The children have since received counselling, she said, adding Mark and Emma were "very brave" to stand up to the gang by attending the court trial.

She spoke of how she and her husband Stephen arrived at the family's home within minutes of the violent gang leaving the ransacked house.

"It was horrendous. . . I've aged about 100 years since it happened," she said.

She described the damage to the home and how drawers had been pulled out and upturned, clothes thrown around rooms, as if the house had been turned into a dump, which was "horrible".

She did not think that the ordeal would ever fully end for the family as Mark and Emma had "lost everything".

The house has been the couple's home since 2002, but Emma said she does not feel safe there any more, said Kathleen.

A home is never the same once it has been ransacked by intruders and the family had spent a lot of money installing security systems and repairing the damage, she said. She also spoke of her son Mark's difficulties seeking State assistance when it came to paying for treatment for his injuries.

He suffered a fractured eye socket when he was struck in the face with a gun during the raid at Burnchurch, Co Tipperary, in November 2013..

She said her son had applied for a medical card, but was refused because he had been self-employed and was informed he would have to wait two years before he could apply "for anything".


She said she was in her son's house when he received a €100 bill from the hospital for emergency treatment. She said his livelihood was gone as a result of the crime.

The court had been told during the trial that the couple had to close their successful gym equipment business because of the incident and also suffered other major financial losses in securing their home and dealing with medical expenses.

Judge Thomas Teehan had said that the family had "suffered catastrophic changes to their lives".

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