Friday 24 November 2017

Families left in shock after find on quiet street

LOCALS were today coming to terms with the gruesome discovery on their doorstep.

As they made their way to work and embarked on school runs, residents were still stunned by the discovery of a woman's body in their neighbourhood.

Today, gardai were continuing their door-to-door enquiries in a bid to establish how the body was transported to St David's Terrace on Blackhorse Avenue on Saturday.

The quiet residential area is situated just 100m from McKee Barracks and lies adjacent to the Phoenix Park.

The scene where the body was found remained sealed off today.

A forensic tent was positioned beside the bins where the travel case containing the young woman's body was discovered.

Access to the pavement that runs along the terrace of around 20 houses was restricted by garda tape pending a forensic examination by members of the Garda Technical Bureau.

And as residents left St David's Terrace for work this morning, they said they were shocked by the find.

"It's an awful case, and very disturbing," said one man.

"It will be very difficult for the woman's family, whoever they are," he added.

Another resident said when he arrived back to his home yesterday after being away for the weekend he thought there had been a gangland murder.

"But then people were telling me about the woman being found in a bag. I couldn't really believe it could happen along here," said the man.

A female resident told the Herald: "I had a very broken night's sleep thinking about that poor girl and what might have happened her. It's terrible to think she was lying there in that bag while we were all going bout our business. It really doesn't bear thinking about."

Gardai now believe the bag was dumped alongside rubbish bins before 7.30pm on Saturday evening.

The bag was spotted beside a parked car.

When that vehicle was moved on Sunday morning, the bag fell and a resident then checked it at 8.30am before immediately raising the alarm.


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