Thursday 14 December 2017

Families in the grip of fear as break-ins soar

FAMILIES are living in fear after a spate of robberies across the capital.

Councillors have voiced particular concern at the heavy-handed tactics being used by thugs who have been forcing their way into properties.

The Herald has learned that one city centre apartment complex has been targeted four times since Christmas.

Residents in the north inner city complex were advised by their property management team to close security doors behind them and not let anybody enter the premises without a key fob.

There was a more sinister turn earlier last week when a man followed a young woman into one of the blocks late at night before breaking into an apartment.

The apartment was occupied by a couple at the time and the man threatened them with a syringe before robbing them and running off.

This latest attack led the property management company to place around-the-clock security on the property. Previously, security would have been in operation at the complex on Friday and Saturday nights only.


"It does seem a little extreme to have security here 24/7, but we've been told that this will hopefully deter thieves from targeting the complex," one resident said.

"I've only ever heard of one or two burglaries since I moved in here five years ago -- so four in one month alone is quite scary, as well as the fact that these thieves are willing to do it while we're at home.

City representatives told the Herald today that they have been "inundated" with calls about burglaries.

Independent councillor Christy Burke said there has been an "avalanche" of break-ins in recent weeks.

"People are on edge, they are on high alert, and rightfully so."

Dublin MEP-elect Emer Costello said she had been given assurances by gardai that there would be a greater presence put in place.

"I've received a number of calls on the issue and people are very frightened about their safety but the assurance

"The gardai in the Bridewell and Store Street are very much aware of the increasing numbers and there is now a greater presence in areas that have been hit," she added.


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