Monday 21 May 2018

Families forced to flee by drug gangs

FIVE families have had to be removed from the Brookfield area in Tallaght (right) in the last year due to intimidation from drug gangs.

The moves came as a result of criminal activity which has ruined the area, according to local councillor Maire Devine.

Commenting in the wake of the killing of Melanie McCarthy McNamara, she says the Fettercairn, Jobstown and Brookview estates have been "ravaged by drugs" in the last four years.

"There are four drug dealers on one particular street and three in the next. I know that for a fact," Cllr Devine told the Herald.

She said that local gangs are using guns, machetes and samurai swords to threaten locals as young as 13 to store or transport drugs and weapons, and keep lookout for gardai.

"If they don't do it their families are threatened and intimidated.

"Their houses come under attack and they are threatened with being burned out. I have been involved in moving five families in the middle of the night in the last year," said Cllr Devine.

"And the reason these drug gangs are not being caught is because if the gardai raid their homes the stuff that could incriminate the gang members is never there, it is being looked after under threat by someone else," she explained.

"This is how they operate. You are either with them or against them, and they target the most vulnerable," said Cllr Devine.

"This week we have found out we now have drug-fuelled hit squads roaming the streets, and all because drugs and money shouts louder than anything else," she added.


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