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Fake cop was really pizza boy

FLORIDA man Christopher Sharp was too embarrassed to tell his girlfriend he was a pizza-delivery boy. So for five months he pretended to be a police officer.

He would leave his pizza shop each day, put on a sheriff's-deputy's uniform and head over to her house, where he would boast of arresting criminals.

He was eventually arrested for stalking and posing as a police officer, the New York Daily Post reported.

Alcohol levels correction

IN an opinion article published on page 16 of the Evening Herald of February 25, it was stated that Irish alcohol consumption rose to 12lt of pure alcohol per person in 2012.

This statement was incorrect. Statistics for 2012 have not yet been published; the most recent year for which statistics are available, 2011, shows consumption of 11.6lt per annum.

We regret any confusion caused.

Stuffy air can prevent flu

FORGET the advice that fresh air is healthy – a humid fug can protect against flu, according to new research.

Humid indoor conditions reduce the infectivity of the flu virus by more than five times, a study has shown.

Scientists tested flu infectivity using artificial dummies that can "cough" and "breathe".